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October is OcAwareness Month
Topic Started: 4 Oct 2013, 11:24 PM (9,194 Views)

It's definitely an American thing. Most of the world says "Oak" instead of "Ock" so the whole assonant wordplay for October makes little sense as a worldwide thing. December 2nd might make a good "ocarina holiday" since it is Donati's birthday.
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I just learned the Friday night concert of the US Ocarina Festival is going to be televised. This is big news and something I'm really really excited about. I don't know if it is going to be a live broadcast, but either way it'll definitely get more people on board for next year.

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Zero Tolerance
12 Sep 2014, 12:20 AM
I've got a question:

Why are we (ocarinists of TON) so gung-ho to play in public?

-Is it for self confidence?

-Helping the ocarina become more known in the hopes of others wanting to learn?
(if this be the case, then the internet is the most valuable and effective tool. i.e. more Docjazz level performers on You-Tube. The odd performance in the mall is good too.)

- Or is it for the sake of stroking vanity/ego and the instant gratification factor?
(This is sadly the factor that can unknowingly lead down a not so good path.)

I mean no harm to anyone but I do think it's a good question worth asking one's self. :?

I sometimes play for a few friends at my local bank but other than that, trying to entice possible Ocarinists in my neck of the woods would have a rather poor outcome and things could slowly turn into ego stroking. Not good. I want to stay a humble player.

I'd be better off encouraging People to view my You-Tube performances and (if really interested) tell them where to find reliable Ocarina Vendors.
There is a necessary amount of narcissism for every performer, be it on Youtube or for live performance. In my eyes there's little difference. In order to perform you must say to yourself "I have something to share". For some it is a reason to try. Whether it is practicing for a youtube video or rehearsing for a performance, it is a motivator for self improvement. The idea that the audience deserves time and effort. For another person it could be a way to tackle fears or a social exercise. Everyone is different, but I don't think one reason is more important or more noble than another. Some people may play in public simply because the ocarina sounds so much better in certain public spaces. That's okay too. Even a person playing purely from ego is fine. While you're critical of that view, I don't see the problem. It doesn't hurt anyone and sometimes people need that because they aren't getting it from somewhere else. If someone wants to share beautiful music, it's hard for me to begrudge them for their ego.

Regarding helping the ocarina become more known... I think the ocarina sounds MUCH better in person. I don't think Youtube videos are the best venue for the ocarina. Even recordings don't really do it justice. Also, there's a certain energy to live performances. I watched a rehearsal and then watched the actual performance and it was surprising to me the amount of extra energy of the performers when the audience is present. It is a shared energy and it is the reason why live performance persists as a cultural tradition around the world. The audience changes things and often in the best way. Playing with other musicians changes things too. Playing with backing tracks is fun, but when you have real interaction between musicians, there's a whole other layer. Ensemble music is popular in Japan because it is fun to play. People go to parties to play ocarina together. It's fun to play music with others. In order to play music with others, you have to have a little bit of a performer in you. You're all performing with and for each other.

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