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Mountain Ocarinas; Quality durable inline ocarinas
Topic Started: 20 Nov 2009, 04:02 PM (40,439 Views)
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Black sheep among your daily lurkers
I just recently got an MO poly C and G along with a few other ocarinas through the TON marketplace. Unfortunately, I was not able to ask whether it would be "complete" (though at first I thought I did :/ ), since it was advertised as mostly new...and so, my MO poly G and C, although in great condition (packed very well), does not have the neck cords they are originally supplied with. Thought they'd come as they were, including any finger chart but they didn't :( ...I wouldn't worry about the charts though, as I know I can get them some other way.

Is there a way to get hold of original neck cords direct from MO? I wonder if they'd sell it by itself, and if they do, how much that would be. I'm just interested in finding out about getting MO neck cords, because it seems to me they are better than the usual neck cords/strap supplied with other ocarinas.

I'm finding my MO's pretty "airy" sounding right now, but I think that would improve as I become comfortable and gauge the right amount of breath pressure needed.

(Also, I apologize if this is not supposed to be in this section. I just didn't want to make a whole new topic for my question, when I don't think it would be that necessary...but If mods or anyone else think otherwise, feel free to move)

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Black sheep among your daily lurkers
Thanks for the fast reply everyone! :)

I'll email about the neck cords one of these days, to ask. On Karl's video courtesy of Nimue, he did mention about sending out the safety fasteners for free and all I'd have to do is send self addressed stamped envelope, but I'm not sure if it's the same for the cord itself...but as Ubizmo did say, they probably won't cost much, if they'd charge me at all.

I'm thinking of looking more into their songbooks though, so maybe if I get to order one, it won't be too much trouble to ask about getting the neck cords as well together with the order, so I won't feel so bad about getting them possibly for free when I didn't even buy direct.

Sig, thanks for the advice on playing. I actually figured I was overblowing/underblowing in some odd mixed way, hence the airyness on the low notes. I've managed to adjust now though, and I think it will really get better with more practice. And yes! Right thumb over left :)

I was also able to purchase the MO learning curriculum too (through TON market place as well :shame: , recently )...so I'm looking forward to that! Dustylad was also kind enough to offer including one of his MO finger charts :)
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Black sheep among your daily lurkers
Oh wow, Infra, that's a beauty!

I haven't spent enough time with my Polycarbonates, but since I have read that they are mostly the same (I guess in terms of breath, but the wood ones and aluminum are better by a certain percentage)...I think you'd need more breath?

Also, wait. It is wood, yes? I read somewhere that it's very well made and goes a certain procedure so that the spaces in the wood are filled with a certain material so that it doesn't have issues with regard to the wood being affected much by the temperature, moisture etc...

...but if I remember right, you are in South East Asia still...so...maybe your oc still needs to adjust to the climate? It's an MO, and not a Woodsound, but depending on where it was before it got to you, maybe you should look into playing it with extra care first, let it adjust, and then figure it out.

(Lol, I'm sure your Pacchioni still knows of your love! It, it's not cheating D:)

EDIT: Erm, I...posted late. =3=...makes my post a little useless now, because I wasn't aware of the dates. So don't mind this, seems you figured it out :D

Really lovely oc still. x3
Edited by reikokuna, 6 Mar 2011, 05:32 PM.
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