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EthnoSiberia?; has anyone tried these before?
Topic Started: 10 Jan 2018, 12:51 PM (275 Views)
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devourer of sushi
Has anyone ordered from this ocarina maker before? Are they in tune? They have some really interesting designs, but I don't want to purchase an ocarina mostly for looks.


I've never seen anyone else offer an ammonite ocarina, and since I collect ammonites and play ocarina I had an O_O moment. Here's a link to the ocarina I'm considering. I'm also concerned about how ergonomically challenging that shape might be to play. It does look pretty amazing though.

Edited by Zephyria, 10 Jan 2018, 12:53 PM.
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Inline Ocarinist x 3
Im not sure about that specific brand but as someone else who follows Etsy ocarina listings pretty closely I can say it seems like a lot of his/her/their work is well liked.

Incidentally, here is another (Nautilus) shaped ocarina. Im also an ammonite enthusiast. My username is a joke on Nautilus.

Good luck!
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Premium Poster
That looks pretty cool. It says it is tuned in pentatonic minor. I'll bet it sounds nice but you would probably not be able to use it to play sheet music unless you figure out cross fingering and half holing to get a standard scale. I have a NAF that I just play improvisationally. It is possible to play a tuned scale but I haven't bothered to learn the fingerings since it sounds so good just the way it is.
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I have several of their sea shell shaped ocarinas on order, including the one you linked to above - they just made it to the U.S. a couple of days ago. So Im hoping theyll arrive soon. Ill let you know what I think of them when they get here :)
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tyrannical dictator

This is certainly an interesting find!

They don't appear to be the most "versatile" instruments like the standard ocarinas we're familiar with in the sense they aren't made with the chromatic scale in mind - but they do seem to be functional ocarinas with interesting designs, which fulfills their intended purpose.
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I'm not sure, but I think the Ethnosiberia shop is a retailer who sells ocarinas by more than one maker.

The sea-shell/nautilus ocarinas are made by a husband and wife team who've only been on Etsy since sometime in 2016, Tar Master and Ailandas.

I posted as a response to a two year old thread on Russian ocarina makers related to this a few minutes ago, and then spotted this more recent post. I just ordered the Sea Shell shaped ocarina and two others directly from Tar Master from his Etsy shop this weekend, as a birthday present from my husband (what can I say - it was a milestone birthday!). I etsy emailed back and forth with Tar on Saturday, and listened to his video clips of the ocarinas. We'll see how the ocarinas are when I get them, but I can already vouch for his customer service. Yes, it will cost to ship them, but so does STL, and they're not located in Russia. Like some others who've posted, I can't play transverse/sweet potato style ocarinas - in my case due to a right neck and shoulder issue. So anything resembling a pendant or inline is a plus for me. If the videos are any indication, the work on these, including tuning, is excellent. Yes, the major scale ocarinas are limited to an 8 note octave, plus sharps and flats achieved by half-holing ( I checked before ordering). There are 7 holes in two rows played in what looks like a very easy to master linear fashion on most of his ocarina models. They are all in front of the shell on the nautilus model, but played more or less the same. So the range is limited, like a four hole pendant would be. However, unlike a lot of clay ocarinas on Etsy, Tar Master's are tuned to specific keys, not just tuned to themselves. And he offers a number of ocarinas in deeper voices and a wide variety of keys. Some of his nautilus shaped ocarinas are pentatonic, but I ordered one in G major. It will be a while before I get them, but I'll update once I receive them. Snegurochka, I'll be interested in hearing how you like the sea-shell shaped ocarinas you ordered. Did you get minor pentatonics, or major key ocarinas?

PS - kissing, the ones I ordered all have a full major one octave scale with sharps and flats via half holes. I didn't order any pentatonics, as lovely as they sound. FYI, I enjoy your ocarina videos immensely. And since I played the ukulele even before I took up the ocarina, I also enjoy your dual instrument ones!
Edited by cookdlee746, 29 Jan 2018, 11:09 PM.
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