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Vibrato; Advice?
Topic Started: 8 Jun 2008, 08:15 PM (9,033 Views)
Elven Spellmaker
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== Cirno -- Opinionated Baka ==

Pro Tip: Don't learn Karl's "Goat Vibrato" XD
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O·ca·ri·na - pla·ying - an·droid
His Goat Vibrato?

BTW, Kissing said a long time ago that diaphragm vibrato is very hard on reed isntruments, but for some reason, it's the only kind of vibrato I can use on my clarinet...
I seem to be completely incapable of using throat vibrato, though that's because I probably don't know how it works...
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The Black Knight
Holy ****!
I never knew how to do a vibrato. I always knew how it should sound, but not how it feels, and how its produced.
I did not have the breath control, and the experience (I´m a guitar player).
I tried a lot by myself, but it just didn´t come out.

Yesterday I read through this thread, and I thought about what Sir James Galway and other people said.
Today I tried it, and after less than ten minutes I got it. It just clicked. I understood it, and it was there. I´ts still sloppy, but now I know how it works, how it feels, and I can work on it, to get better.

Thank you all, I´m just so happy about this right now! ^^
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Jack Campin
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Opener of Catfood Tins

Here is a summary of vibrato issues as they apply to the recorder:


Nearly all of that applies to the ocarina, with only a few adaptations for different fingerings.
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Inline Ocarinist
I have difficulty forming vibrato on my Focalink double AC... When I sing I can hear bits of vibrato scattered about here and there and I think I know how it feels. My ocarina doesn't create this feeling since it's pretty low-breath so I can't relax my throat as I could when I sing. And I'm not sure, but I'm getting the feeling that since I have a low-ish voice, I find it harder to make a vibrato on higher notes.
OK Small update: I hear a vibrato in my ocarina playing now. Pretty unstable and pretty hard to recognize but it's definitely there.
The thing I found that gives me the vibrato is the abdominal position. Try gasping deeply, then holding your stomach where it is mid-gasp. Your abdominals should be somewhat flexed, and your stomach should be somewhat caved in. Release your breath (since gasping makes your shoulders rise too much) and try to get your stomach where it was. That's I find the most effective position for me to form vibrato. Since I am no expert on vibrato, and indeed, have just figured out how to make it, I will continue to experiment and figure out exactly what makes vibrato.
Edited by ContraMuffin, 28 Aug 2016, 01:16 AM.
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Thank you for all the great discussion and resources here. I have vibrato when I sing, having been trained for several years, but it developed naturally, and I'm not having any luck applying that to my ocarina playing.

I will start practicing some of the flute vibrato exercises and see if they help. I'd love for my sustained notes to sound less like a whistle. :)
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