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Professional ocarina performances; from Taiwan
Topic Started: 5 May 2008, 01:39 AM (2,052 Views)
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dysfunctional family
So to continue my post on budding ocarinists, here are some professional ocarina performers. Ready your ears!

A performance fiesta in Taiwan (Rubato) where various ocarina groups got together to perform. This group in particular is named after a type of bird that I don't recognize. :D But their playing is so delicate, perfect, and shmazing!

An awesome trio performance, led by professional ocarinist Li Wei Chong.

And erm.. ocarinas used in election commercials. :omg: The ocarina is heard in the background, and was one of the 2008 Taiwan presidential election commercials. However, this candidate did not win. I wouldn't chalk it up to the ocarina though. :P It's.. really high pitched however. My ears! :cry:

Cooperative concert between Korean and Taiwanese ocarinists! Wow. The first part is played by Taiwanese people, and the solo part is performed by the president of the Korean Ocarina Music Assocation. HAHAHA around the one minute mark you can see a person directing them which direction to sway. We need to stop swaying during performances.. ><" And we definitely did not need to be dancing and clapping in the background. *facepalm*

Apparently we have a Taipei Ocarina Choir! (band? group? thingy? What do you call that anyways?) This was one of their performances during a tour around the island. Loved their second performance around the 3:30 mark. I believe it's one of the Lord of the Dance songs.

..ew. I hate this artist and didn't want to put it up, but an ocarina playing pop music!
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tyrannical dictator

Wow shadowyi :link:

You're really getting into ocarinas :lol: I know exactly how you feel!! :TON:
And I'm so happy we have a member who can read and speak Chinese!! :D

Here are some performances that I enjoy..

Japanese ocarinist Osawa Satoshi's Csardas on triple, alto c and soprano c ocarinas:
He's a bit showy in the performance...but he's allowed to coz he's awesome :evil:
The Triple ocarina he uses here is a Japanese Triple ocarina by Icaros. I hear that the maker of these ocarinas only gives his ocarinas to people he has acknowledged to have mastered the Triple ocarina, so having one is a great honour :omfg:

I'm also a fan of the Ocarina Classica group in Italy. They're very famous in the ocarina world. Here is some of their videos:

(performed on Woodsound Soprano C by Paolo Gavelli)

(performed on Woodsound Soprano G by Paolo Gavelli)

Hao Lun Hsu in concert:
(performed on Focalink Triple)

Shi Feng, a good friend of Hao Lun Hsu, and performer in China. His fingers move like lightning:

My good friend Andre Ahn from Korea is a role model for me. He is an amateur ocarinist like me, who has been in it for a while longer, and plays sooo darn well!

Nancy Rumbel specialises in the Double wooden ocarina, and plays some great music!

Oh and here's my favourite video by stevtomato! I can't stop listening to this one! :D :poke: It's totally aweseom! :cry:
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dysfunctional family
Hehehe, I am most definitely going to be here for a looong, looong time :D. I remind you of yourself eh? Don't you feel old now? :P Happy to offer my language services, never thought they'd be this useful. B)

Haha, Satoshi-kama keeps in line with Japanese tradition. Half the musicians are flamboyant, the othef half barely have an expression on their face. :unsure:

Oh gosh, Paolo Gavelli is amazing. I wonder if he's ever thought of teaching someone else the ocarina and passing on his skills? Take me take me! :boogie:
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