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in need of a QUIET ocarina; saving my roomates ears
Topic Started: 30 Oct 2016, 01:23 AM (2,797 Views)
Andy Cox
30 Oct 2016, 04:59 PM
I can realize any ocarina in a quiet version. The tone remains clear and clean without any airiness, from first to last note. I answered in PM
An example of quiet ocarina Alto C. There is a version of Sweet Potato mk IX
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absolutely beautiful work Giorgio.
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Andy Cox
Georgio Cataldi can and will make a quiet ocarina. I have one. I make them even quieter, but i assumed that they are not desired because of posted characteristics of "good" ocarina on another forum.

And I have posted the well-known recorder technique can be applied to an ocarina--it flattened the ocarina a bit but it works that post had photos). Making a "blue tape" roof over the voicing also works. Having an ocarina made for quietness by making the voicing, thus fingerhole sizes is the best solution.

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Andy Cox
22 Sep 2017, 06:17 PM
I have a question for those who make ocarinas:
Is it not simple to adjust the volume by reducing the width and/or thickness of the bore of the airway? Does this have a noted effect on base pitch or range of notes?

With my very limited experimentation without using molds for consistency, it seems that the larger the voicing hole and airway width, the more volume. The opposite also seems to hold true. I have also found that the voicing hole for a smaller ocarina should be proportionally smaller than the voicing hole on a larger ocarina to maintain the same sound volume. I really have not experimented much with this and will be doing more experiments in the future.

I am just curious if other makers have found the same thing? If this affects pitch as well, this would be difficult to control using molds, as each ocarina would need a different wall thickness depending on breath requirement requested. This would also increase the number of necessary tools for different sizes of airways. Tuning and shaping each ocarina by hand without production consistency seems to follow this pattern.
Yes to your statements.

Many makers are quite articulate about their work and are quite knowledgeable about their quiet ocarinas. They, quiet ocarinas, can be made, but the market usually dictates a specific pitch and consistency of sound, without which advertising would be difficult(!). One way to bypass the debate is to purchase a lower pitched instrument; information can be found elsewhere in this forum.

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