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Zetaboards takeover by Tapatalk

Posted by Elven Spellmaker (Administrator) at 23 Jul 2018, 10:28 AM. 5 comments

Hey all,

As you may have noticed over the last few years, Zetaboards hasn't been very active in maintaining the board, adding features, or fixing problems.
You may also notice it's one of the few sites on the Internet to still use unencrypted http for the website.

Unfortunately as is inevitable with a lot of businesses, Zetaboards isn't viable to continue providing the forum service, and the changes required to make these forums GDPR compliant has also been deemed too much work.

However, Zetaboards has been acquired by Tapatalk and the forum will be converted over to a Tapatalk forum shortly.

This will change the look of the site (but brings in SSL, mobile support, and apps if you so choose) and we're really not quite sure how many things will be available on the other side, however we expect themes to be broken completely.

There's also the possibility that we won't be able to have custom emotes, any custom CSS or JS on the board (which I'm sure would please Jack Campin haha).

There are some features from the Tapatalk Premium which will be grandfathered in for those on Zetaboards boards, but whether they're time-limited or not and precisely which features, we're just not sure.

We hope uploaded content will be transferred, but again we can't be sure. It'd be a real shame if lots of the content available here is broken after the move, but at this current time I can't find a way to even preview how the forum looks with Tapatalk, and the staff at Zetaboards seem insistent we can't have a data dump of the site.

For more info, please see: http://support.zathyus.com/topic/7021172/1/

We're not quite sure the full extent of the changes, but see you on the other side!

Thanks, and hopefully the transition won't be too painful! :)

Broken Search Feature

Posted by Elven Spellmaker (Administrator) at 31 Aug 2016, 11:22 AM. 8 comments

Hey all, :hi:

I've just seen a few Facebook posts and received a few PMs and I thought I'd investigate the the search not working problem.
It turns out the forum providers are upgrading servers and they say it's to do with them migrating all forums to new hardware.

They are currently in the process of rebuilding the indexes used for searching and without the indexes there is no searching (seriously it would put a lot of strain on their architecture to do normal database searches). Obviously the bigger the forum the longer the indexing will take.


Until the indexing is complete there is nothing I can do, if this continues for some time, please let me know and I'll open a ticket about this. :shakefist:

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is totally out of my control,

Jack (Elven Spellmaker) :cowbellhit:

2016 US Ocarina Festival Kickstarter

Posted by Ocarinadiva (Business) at 20 Jul 2016, 05:36 PM. 2 comments


Hey Everyone,

I launched my ocarina festival Kickstarter today and I'd appreciate it if you would consider backing it and sharing it with your friends and family too. The goal is to not only cover some costs of the festival, but also use Kickstarter to promote it. Even if you're short on money, pledging $1 will get you all of the updates and hopefully later you'll consider increasing your pledge.

Thanks so much!


Announcing Cris Gale's Hal Leonard Ocarina Method Book

Posted by carbon (Banned) at 16 Jun 2016, 10:29 PM. 30 comments

Cris Gale's ocarina method book is available for preorder and she's trying to get the word out. The purpose of this contest is to help her advertise her new book both here and Facebook and hopefully make some funny ocarina related memes in the process. Retailing at only $12.99, it's one of the more affordable and accessible method books available. It also includes an instruction video series that covers all of the main chapters.

Contest Instructions:

1. Create a funny ocarina-related graphic (appropriate for all ages) about learning the ocarina and refer to "www.LearnTheOcarina.com". The web address must appear on the graphic and the purpose of the graphic should be to encourage people to visit the website (yep you're making an advertisement!)

See these examples:

2. Post it in this topic and ALSO post it on Facebook, tag Cris Gale, and link to www.LearnTheOcarina.com in the image description. Or post it here and ask a friend to post it on Facebook ect.
3. Like and share any and all of the FB posts you like.


Rules can be changed and amended at our discretion.

Entries must be appropriate for all ages

Entrants must follow the above instructions

Members/accounts created after this post can enter, but cannot vote in the voting topic.

Enter as many times as you like, but only one prize per entrant

Unsportsmanlike behavior will lead to disqualification.

The contest period ends at 11:59 cst July 15th


1st Place; A signed copy of Cris Gale's Hal Leonard Ocarina Method and a matte black Night by Noble plastic.
2nd/3rd Place : A signed copy of Cris Gale's Hal Leonard Ocarina Method.

If a lot of people enter, additional prizes may be added! (4th/5th/6th place ect)

Also, if you already have the book, you can request it be sent to someone else or as a prize for a future TON contest.

The goal of this contest is to advertise Cris' method book in a fun way and interesting way. Entries don't have to be Zelda or videogame specific. The examples are just what we came up with. By entering the contest you give Cris permission to post/share your entries on her various social media pages.

Have fun!

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