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Vice Fuhrer Nicole The Dark Alchemist
Robert Hickman
20 Apr 2014, 08:39 AM

I don't particularly care for guitar, but there's music that I want to play, and can only find guitar tabs for. >_>;

Look up note positions so you can transcribe it, or there are plenty of cheap guitars floating around if you want something physical to use for transcribing.
Yeah, I tried doing that, but I got a bit overwhelmed by the work involved with it. I'd either be transcribing for my ukulele or cello(most likely cello, since it has a wider range). Maybe one day I'll feel less lazy and less quick to give up and try again.

I've thought about getting a cheap one, but I'd need to get one with a smaller body. regular sized guitars are too big and bulky. :P


Hello fellow cellist! :D
If I can find anything that I want to sit down and learn I'll have to shoot you a message. :P

Ah the cello I got is an electric. For those times I don't feel like being heard I leave it unplugged. It sounds really nice plugged in, though. :3
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