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Jack Campin
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As it happens I was at a class on Turkish classical music this weekend and the teacher (a Greek musician) used a ney to demonstrate. (I used Turkish G clarinet and tenor recorder; an ocarina would have been able to play all the notes but its sound would have been too aggressive for the group mix).

Traditionally, instrument quality isn't a big deal with them. The old-school way was that your teacher gave you your first one and then you learned to make your own - you don't need much more than than a sharp knife and a few red-hot metal rods. The doodad on the top of Turkish neys seems a bit more complicated to make but there isn't anything subtle about what it does.

They don't blow anything like any other flute I play and I've always been dead in the water with them.

Can you find a local teacher? If so, they'll know where to get one.
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