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31 Dec 2009, 02:11 PM
Mr. Ubizmo is to be commended for the time he has put in to take his playing on the MO to a high level.
Aww shucks.

You know, it's really just a matter of making a decision and then committing to it. When I first got the poly MO, I wasn't thrilled with the sound either. For that reason, I switched to transverse. But I wasn't that pleased with them either, for various reasons. I listened to Karl Ahrens and Al Martino playing MOs on Youtube and like the sound, and decided that if they could do it, so could I. And that was my turning point. I'm not there yet, but I've made progress--probably more than I would have made if I kept switching ocarinas every month or so.

Before I played any ocarina, I tried playing tin whistle for a while. I fell into the trap of buying whistle after whistle, trying to find the perfect one, blaming the whistles for my lousy sound. I finally realized that buying whistles is just a distraction from playing them. The great advantage of the MO for me is that I have it with me all the time, and as a result I play it a lot more than I would if I had to keep it stored at home. I don't worry about breaking it, getting it wet, or anything else. I don't even have to take it out of a case. So when I get the urge to play, I just play.

I don't try to persuade anyone to play MOs. There are lots of great ocarinas out there, and people have different musical preferences, playing styles, and lifestyles. The MO is a good fit for me. The only point I try to make is not to be too quick in judging the sound you get when you first start playing one. It changes over time, as you learn to control your breath. I'm sure this is true for all ocarinas, but I think it's a bit more true of MOs than some other ocarinas.

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