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Paradoxical Enigma

22 Dec 2009, 04:34 PM
22 Dec 2009, 12:16 PM
Someone needs to educate Nintendo and Link....

As for MO, they have the Al ones back in stock in a few different colors, I got a blue one quite nice, I have to admit out of the square voice hole ocs i have only MO and Dunster seem to have it done right, Terry Riley still uses it on his and its not quite got it right IMHO and John Langley has switched to round voice holes. I think MO has the voice hole right because of how its tooled and setup in a way that is easy to replicate in his making....

ahah, the rectangular versus the round fipple argument surfaces again!
I use rectangular fipples on my single chamber instruments and emphasise that they should be played with a very gentle, constant blow. They are ideal for playing indoors. I do make some twin chamber instruments with rectangular fipples and they are better for playing indoors or for use with gentle amplification during performances BUT my twelve hole instruments and my performing twin chambers for musicians all have round or oval fipples which enables them to be played with a much stronger blow - much closer to the blow you would use when playing a flute.
Terry Riley
Ah thank you for that info, it does make sense as they are great oc's and with your time making them I fully understand where your coming from in your choice to form them this way on the 6 hole oc's ect...


Now back to the topic of this thread... MO....

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