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tyrannical dictator

Yup, as the others have stated, the sound difference between polycarbonate and their more costly models is quite subtle.

I was able to compare a Warmstone G and C with the Polycarbonate G and C and saw no significant difference. Being very fussy, I recall the Warmstones sounding a bit clearer and firmer, while the polycarbs may have sounded a tad whispy and crispy. But it was very subtle.

That aside, their high end models certainly do look way more visually appealing and would feel a bit heftier to hold. They are definitely worth it if you really cherish Mountain ocarinas. They are a good deal on such well crafted, pretty little instruments with a big sound.
1 Dec 2009, 11:28 PM
1 Dec 2009, 09:07 PM
Zelda plays a Pan Flute in Spirit Tracks which comes out in a few days.
Seriously? They just ditched the Oc?! Please observe my emotional reaction...

LOL Maybe its time for us to start playing the panflute instead.

I can already see it... TPN or PU :pirate:
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