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1 Dec 2009, 11:52 PM
Zelda thats not cool. Anyways what is the difference in sound quality from the polycarbon to the more exspence ones? I really want the soprano and alto combo.
I haven't played an aluminum MO yet. I have polycarbonate and warmstone MOs in G, and a hardwood in C. I used to have a poly C as well, but gave it away to someone in need.

The bottom line is: The difference in sound between the materials is very, very subtle. I like to think that I can hear some difference, but the fact is that I've sometimes listened to my own recorded sound and been unable to remember which one I was playing, and I couldn't tell by listening. Expecting a significant difference in sound is really not a good reason to upgrade from a poly. The non-poly MOs are much more visually attractive than the polys, and different in other ways that can affect playability, such as weight and mouthpiece shape. Also, the aluminum MO, like the poly, has recessed thumb holes. Current hardwood and warmstone models don't. Some won't care about these details; others will.

@David -- I also had the idea that the brass/gold looks more professional, but for some reason the electric blue just caught my eye.

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