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1 Dec 2009, 08:14 PM
1 Dec 2009, 03:17 PM

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They sure do!
4) A Lifetime Guarantee:
We want you to feel free to take your ocarina along with you. Therefore, if one of your MOUNTAIN OCARINAS® ever becomes inoperable due to accidental damage, we will replace it free of charge with an ocarina of similar value.

I love those aluminum ocs! I think the brass/gold gives the impression that it's of a more professional caliber.

And @hirohiigo - I totally just noticed this, but why on earth is :link: playing a pan-flute instead of an :ocarina: in your sig?!?! :shakefist:
That's one of the main reasons I want to get a Mountain Oc. They sound nice, but that great of service is a good way of attracting me.

And, Link is playing a pan flute because that's what he plays in Spirit Tracks. :) And because I adore the picture.
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