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Concerning the tone of the MO, there are two things to remember:

1. It's not going to sound just like a sweet potato oc, ever, because it's designed differently.

2. The sound you get when you first start playing the MO is not the sound you'll get after you've played it for a while. It takes time to achieve the right breath pressure and steadiness to get a clean tone. In fact, I think they actually warn new customers about this.

@Walden -- Yes the G is about the size of a regular harmonica and fits easily in a pocket, or can be worn as a pendant, which is what I do. The C is about the size of a chromatic harmonica. The non-poly models are more visually appealing.

For those who might be interested, Mountain Ocarinas has just finished a batch of new anodized aluminum ocarinas. The G ocarinas will be available in blue and red, as well as the gold color that they've had all along; the C will continue to be available only in the gold color.

You can see them at:

Aluminum gold C

Aluminum gold G

Aluminum blue G

Aluminum red G

I've never played, or even held, one of these aluminum MOs, but I'm going to get a blue one, and I'll eventually post a review. I'm interested in them for a couple of reasons. One, they have the same tapered mouthpiece that the poly has, which I like. The mouthpiece of the warmstone and hardwood models is more blunt. Given the amount of time I spent playing MOs, these little details matter. Second, these are the heaviest MOs, and I find that a bit more weight makes the instrument more stable in the fingers, especially in the high notes where it's supported by just a couple of fingers and the lips (and again, the tapered mouthpiece helps here). The warmstone is heavier than the poly, and that's one of the things I like about it. The aluminum is heavier than either, so I'll be interested to see whether that's an improvement, or whether it's too heavy.

I expect no significant difference in sound.

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