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Mountain Ocarinas are quality inline ocarinas, currently made in the keys of C5 and G5. They are made in several highly durable materials, at different price points: polycarbonate plastic, Corian ("warmstone"), Dymondwood ("hardwood"), and anodized aluminum. Their web site is Mountain Ocarinas.

There's plenty of information at the web site, so I'll just mention a few points that I think are worth emphasizing. First, Mountain Ocarinas is a small, family-owned and run company located in Connecticut. Karl Ahrens, the creator of the MO, and Cliff Hayashida, are the proprietors. Although parts of the MOs are "mass produced," the instruments themselves are not. They are assembled, finished, and tested by hand. Second, it is a principle design goal of MOs that they are "tough enough to take anywhere." There are no MOs made of clay.

I think the web site and Karl's videos at the MO YouTube Channel provide a great deal of information, but I thought there should at least be a topic here at TON for them. I've been playing MOs since September 2008.

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