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No doubt there are certain makers on TON that get a lot of love. And there's a good chance that if you're on TON, you either own a Maparam, Focalink, STL(TNG), or all of the above!

But I'd like to shine some light on a few of the less known makers and their wonderful instruments. The other craftsmen who have spent years perfecting their ocarinas, yet people continue to pour their money into the more well known companies who can really afford to promote their products and have large customer bases already!

So here's what you do: List an ocarina or several ocarinas you have or you would like to have from less known makers around the world and tell us why you like them. The more obscure, the better. If it seems they have a large customer base or large online presence, try to highlight someone smaller.

Please do not list any ocarinas from Maparam, Focalink, or STL. I know this may be hard for certain TONians, but try to resist the urge :rofl:

If you need ideas, check out the Regional Focus section of the forum or the Ocarina Maker Index in my new book, The Ocarina Guide, listing over 30 makers and 55 ocarinas throughout the book.

Here's Mine...

Ogawa Alto C - http://www.fl-oca.com/eocarina.htm
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Quite possibly one of the greatest ocarinas ever made, lol. I love the look and the tone is absolutely gorgeous. This is what an ocarina is supposed to sound like XD It's a Type 1, but it actually has quite an impressive volume and is very expressive!

Peter Sloan 5 Hole Pendant- http://petersloan.ca
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Is this not one of the coolest ocarinas you've ever seen? :D
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