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Yet another update from Karl


You guys are great! With all that I have going on, I don't always respond to your posts right away, but I always read them with interest.

Good news! I'll spare you most of the details. I spent the day at the ultrasonic welders yesterday. The new horns and fixtures, after some testing and tweaking, now work really well. This is especially encouraging because we designed and redesigned our joints several times to improve them, but there were still no guarantees, so perhaps you can imagine my relief.

At present, I have about a dozen assembled Codas that look and play nicely. Also, I took one of them and dropped it over and over onto solid concrete from a height of 4 to 6 feet. (We'll do more testing in the future.) Coda bounced every time and kept right on playing. Now, I don't present these as unbreakable, but they are designed with EDC in mind. An EveryDay Carry instrument should be small, light, and TOUGH, and I'm pleased to say that Coda lives up to my expectations.

Also, I was playing Coda at the small plant or factory yesterday, and four employees walked up to say they wanted one (or two). I later learned that one of the company owners took an assembled Coda home because he emailed to ask about the Coda book and to say that a couple of his piano-playing teens wanted Codas. While this is gratifying, the real test comes as we gradually find out how many people are willing to part with money to buy one. Time will tell, but I am optimistic. Whatever the case, this is the instrument that I personally have wanted for the last couple of decades but couldn't buy because it didn't exist.

But when, oh, when will Coda be available? Soon, but how soon? Right now they are doing a final polish of the ultrasonic horns and fixtures. Will they finish this week? Maybe, probably, but they couldn't say. As soon as they finish, I will personally transport the ultrasonic tooling over to the injection molding company. Then they'll have to set up their ultrasonic welder so they can perform the three welds on each set of Coda components. The injection molders are great guys, and they say they'll get "right on it," but is that next week (next week includes Thanksgiving), or the following...? And there are many other details that we are racing to get ready for launch. I say "we," but right now it's mainly me. Very soon, as finances allow, I'll have more help from wonderful people waiting in the wings, but Coda has been a BIG stretch financially, so it's still up to me to spin as many plates as I can.

Thanks again for your extreme patience! I'll keep you in the loop.
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