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Here is the latest update from Karl:


This will just be a quick, big picture update. It is a busy time as we strive to be prepared for the Coda launch on many fronts.

We now have nice production parts (in dark brown), and the texturing came out very nice. If you are not excited about brown either, have no fear! We ran those parts only because we needed to get them ASAP to the ultrasonic welding equipment company so that they could complete work on our horns and fixtures. Without that ultrasonic welding equipment, we can't assemble Coda.

As far as when they will complete their work, the ultrasonic welding guys say, "...delivery [of the tooling] is 1st/2nd week November or ASAP." So, write that on your calendars! It looks like November is the month. And since I am NEVER wrong when I make a prediction... (A song from the Pirates of Penzance springs to mind here. If you don't get this one, you may need to go to a few more high school musicals.)

We finally have the needed color concentrate to make both black and slightly-transparent dark cobalt-blue parts. There were a lot of delays on this because we are working with a type of plastic that neither my molder nor the color concentrate people have worked with before, so you wouldn't believe all we've gone through just to get these color concentrates. (None of the suppliers had the cobalt blue resin, so it is a true custom color, but we could have bought stock black material instead of getting a custom color concentrate made. The only drawback was that we would have had to buy 15,000 or 20,000 pounds of it. Gulp! Hopefully next year!)

I've chosen a plastic called Zylar --a less common, more expensive resin-- because it is very tough, it molds a bit more precisely with less molded-in stress than either polycarbonate or ABS, and it is very safe, i.e., it's suitable for medical devices, reusable drinking ware, etc.

I mention the colors again because I think that two-tone Codas will look classy and more interesting. (The proof is in the pudding, though.) You see, Coda has four components: a top, a middle, a bottom, and a mouthpiece, so we can combine these components in different ways to create Coda Blue, Coda Black, and --for the really hardcore-- Coda Black & Blue. Wink (You are not alone. My wife didn't think that was funny either.)

Gotta run...

It looks like it won't be much longer now.
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