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Here is the latest news about the CODA.

Well, I've been holding off on posting because I keep hoping to share encouraging news.

Since back in July, I've been expecting parts any day, but issues keep coming up: the tool was still out for hardening, the color concentrate had not arrived yet, etc. As of yesterday, the latest word from the molder is, "Guys are finishing up another job and you are next in line for install. As soon as we are ready I will call so you can come down and see the parts."

In the original quote, we were supposed to have finished parts within 10 to 12 weeks. It's not like I'm counting or anything, but, as of today, 22 weeks have passed since I officially placed an order for the Coda injection mold, and 8 and a half weeks just since we received our first clear sample parts. As you can see, we are running a tiny bit behind.

Of course, this is frustrating, but any really important project requires patience. Hopefully, all the many challenges and delays will soon be a distant, vague memory once we have finished Codas in hand. We've waited this long. I'm at least 98.9% sure that waiting a little longer won't kill us.

As soon as I know anything more, YOU will be the first to know!
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