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Here is the latest update from Karl about the CODA.


Hi to you faithful Coda followers. I appreciate you, and I understand how frustrating the slow progress (and my infrequent posts) can be. At times, it's terribly hard for me to be patient also. There are just so many little steps in a project like this -- and a frustrating amount of WAITING (and follow up) whenever the ball is in someone else's court.

Here's the latest word from the mold makers: "After running the tooling schedule, I am showing the week of June 19th for the first samples."

Exciting, right? However, now it's time to manage everyone's expectations, including my own.

The first samples that come out of the mold are to test the functionality, cooling, accuracy, etc., of the mold. Ideally, when they first fire up the huge injection molding machine, celestial music will sound, bluebirds will alight on the hopper, and a shaft of golden light will stream through the factory window, illuminating a set of gleaming, perfectly-formed parts as they emerge from the jaws of the gentle giant. (Sigh!!)

More likely, though, since we have striven to be "steel safe," we'll need to tweak one or more aspects of the molds that produce Coda's four precision parts. Steel safe? Well, it's much easier to remove a little bit of steel from a mold surface to bring it into spec than to try to weld and form a tiny feature onto a mold. Anyway, tweaking requires disassembling the mold (big hunks of steel that weigh hundreds of pounds) and, uh... tweaking it. Then you reassemble the mold and try again... Hopefully, there will be nothing major to address since a ton (or more) of careful planning has gone into this so far.

After parts meet with my approval (I'm easy to please, right?Wink), then it's time to send portions of the mold out to a company that specializes in texturing mold surfaces and, finally, to another company that heat treats the mold cavities. Meanwhile, yet another company will be completing the precision horns and fixtures for assembling Coda. So... I'll be attending a lot of meetings, checking progress and quality of a lot of things, and writing a lot of checks. (SIGH!!!!!!)

So, what is a realistic time frame for getting Coda into your hands? Well, if all goes as planned, we could begin sales at the end of July. Yee-haa! That's what I'm striving for. However, I have enough experience with this type of project to expect unexpected challenges. When they come, you just have to roll up your sleeves and work through them. Thus, I'll also be very pleased if we have Coda on the market sometime in August.

That's all for now. Thanks for the kind, patient support. It is encouraging. Also, thanks for the feedback on price. Obviously, I can't always follow everyone's recommendations, but I always read your comments with great interest and learn from them. Tuna asked if supply would be limited at first. In theory, no. Let's see if that is true in practice. Will there ever be a "high-end" version of Coda? Well, if Coda takes off the way we hope it will, then a high-end version is a possibility in the future. Our focus for now, though, is to make an affordable instrument that plays like a high-end one. Tiny, tough, and light, great sound, 2 chromatic octaves, and fluid, intuitive fingering.
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