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The Ocarina Network - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the moderators tasks?
Moderators are here to ensure that members follow the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use of The Ocarina Network. They can delete posts; lock, delete, move, merge or split a topic, detach signatures from posts in case they violate rules and step in in the event of a public dispute between users. please treat moderators with respect as they offer up their time and energy to make TON a friendly environment where everyone can feel safe.

How do I become a moderator?
To become a moderator, you generally have to be a well-respected and well-liked member. Staff will put your name forward if you come into consideration. Moderator elections are held rarely and only when there is need for staff expansion. Asking to become a moderator is likely to harm your chances.

How do I use the Report Button?
The "Report" button can be found in the lower right of each post. Important: Do not confuse it with the "Quote" button right next to it!
The "Report" button should be used to report extremely serious posting violations. However, off topic posts or minor issues can be reported as well. Reported posts will usually be addressed within 24 hours and should not be reported again until 24 hours have elapsed.
The report system may not be abused. Members who abuse the system will be warned.

I am affiliated with a specific brand of ocarinas, is there anything I should be aware of?
Businesses and members of businesses must declare their affiliation before becoming an active member of our community. Please make sure to read this topic and apply to become a member of the Business usergroup via PM to the administration or directly email the administration.

Can a chat forum/thread (moderated or unmoderated) be put in place for general conversation?
No. Chat-like topics are not practicable and appropriate. Topics of this nature are frowned upon and will be locked. We do provide services that allow general chit-chat. Please make use of our Shoutbox.

What do the Staff Charter Icons stand for?
- Administrator
- Co-Founder
- Moderator and General Staff

What do the non-staff Charter Icons stand for?
- Senior Member
- Business Member
What is a Senior Member?
A senior member is a member that has been selected by TON Staff for being an outstanding member of the community, it may be awarded to both staff and regular members.
They will receive a special Charter Icon and a purple colour key.
Remember that seniority may be revoked in case the user's behaviour is not in accordance to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use after being made a senior member.

Is there a list of Senior Members?
Yes. A list of all current Senior Members can be found here.

Who are the founders of TON?
The founders of The Ocarina Network are Stevtomato, Kissing, Mightyicecream and Andy.
A list of retired founders can be found here.

What is too wide? If it stretches the forums. (Consider revising this... Stretching the forum is a speculative thing, based on how wide ones browser is)
What is too long? If you have to scroll down more than two message lengths.
What is too large? Images bigger than 4MB take too long to load.
       What can I do in this case? Link to it with an appropriate warning of size.
Nudity? Kissing and nudity is allowed as long as sexual activities are not involved. Otherwise even with a big censor bar, the image would get removed from our board.
       TON's definition of allowed nudity: Topless men; topless women only with covered chest area, bottom; genitals may NEVER be visible
Images of this nature may only be posted in the Artisan Crafts forum (drawn/photographic) as long as they do not conflict with our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use and what is stated above.
If you are not sure about posting, send a PM with links to the images to one of the administrators for review before posting them up.
Keep in mind that everything slightly pornographic will lead to an instant account suspension/ban/termination depending on the severity of the case.

Reviving Dead Topics
Reviving is annoying to some members who have already read the topics and clutters the forums by bumping old topics to the top.
When can I revive a topic and when not?
       If you want to thank someone for their help, PM them a thank you.
       If you have information to add: Feel free to post it.
       If you have a question, you should ask yourself whether it is really relevant. If so, ask. If not, send a PM to the topic's creator.

What is spam? Short, off topic, or inane messages/threads.
What makes Chatter not spam? It needs to have a point. Ask yourself ...
       Does it give information; public or personal?
       Does it ask for help, opinion, or feedback?
       Is it something you care a lot about?
       Is it relevant to you as the creator of the thread?
These rules are slightly less strict in the thread games section.
Last update: 8th August 2012 by Elven Spellmaker

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