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Our goal is to create a friendly environment that is fun, unique, enriching and safe by encouraging our users to conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity, decency and respect. Everyone should feel secure in knowing that topical discussion will be appreciated and respected by everyone.
Don't forget that your use of the website is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Community Guidelines

Please don't abuse the site. The Ocarina Network (TON) is a community of many types of people, who all have the right to express their own opinions and feel safe and comfortable about stating them. Be polite, respectful and responsible.
The use of The Ocarina Network is a privilege, not a right. The TON staff reserves the right to revoke access to the website and remove content without prior notice.

Use common sense when posting:
  • TON is not for pornographic or sexual or other explicit, inappropriate material.
  • Respect copyrights. Don’t post copyrighted content (including links to third party websites) without permission from the owner. This includes discussions about video game ROMs and emulators.
  • Stay on topic. While we recognise topic drift happens, if a moderator asks for the topic to be brought back onto track then please do so. If you want to discuss a topic that is not related to the thread, look for a more relevant thread or create a new one.
  • No crossposting. Refrain from posting the same thread in multiple sections of the forum.
  • Don't post commercial messages. Do not promote commercial activities, including related links. Ocarina makers or members of businesses may use TON as a resource for collecting direct feedback from the community. Contests held by makers are allowed but it MUST be stated that they have no affiliation with TON. TON should not be used by any business for any unapproved commercial purposes.
  • Be respectful towards other members. Do not attack others or the community and administration at large through your comments or material you post. We hold a zero tolerance policy for predatory behavior, disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, propaganda, racial hatred, disrespecting of sexual orientations, offensive cultural behavior, vulgar or obscene content, the revealing of other members' personal information without their permission or other behavior TON staff considers inappropriate.
  • Respect other members' point of views. If you find something personally offensive but it does not violate forum rules or offends the community at large, please move along and do not post any commentary, especially of inflammatory nature in the thread.
  • Make sure you comply with all applicable rules and laws of your country and US law. Do not promote information that you know or think is false or misleading, criminal and/or illegal.
  • Businesses or members of businesses are not allowed to use the information posted by the members in any way perceived as dubious, unethical, hostile or discourteous in any sense or form. This applies whether the misuse of the information is within the forum, or outside the forum (e.g.: phone calls, emails, etc). Violation of this rule will be dealt with very seriously by the administration, and can result in account termination and authority reports. The purpose of this rule is to keep TON a comfortable environment where members feel safe and encouraged to express their personal opinions and viewpoints about all aspects, including businesses and their practices.
  • If you are in any way affiliated with a specific ocarina business or brand or make ocarinas yourself with the intent to gain profit, please read the according FAQ entry and apply to become a member of the business usergroup via email to the administration.
  • Please be mindful that English is the main language spoken by members. People from non-English speaking backgrounds are more than welcome here, but we do request that you post in English for all to understand.
We reserve the right to take appropriate (legal) action against members who violate our community guidelines and terms of use. Keep in mind that illegal activities WILL be reported to the authorities. Offensive content such as commentary, submitted data and useraccounts will be terminated if TON's staff classifies it as inappropriate or in any other way violating without prior notice.

Breaking these rules will result in a warn, with each warn having greater consequences.
1 Warn: Nothing
2 Warns: 2 day Suspension
3 Warns: 10 Days Suspension
4 Warns: 30 Days Suspension
5 Warns: IP ban
TON's stance on Copyrighted Sheet Music / MIDI and tablature
TON is a music site which allows users to post and share Sheet Music, MIDI files and tablature which may or may not have copyrights associated with them. We apologise if such music ends up on the website and would like to point out that the staff are not accountable for such occurrences.
If you are the copyright holder of such music and wish for it to be removed please contact an Administrator ASAP and ask for it to be removed and we'll do our best to remove it.

Terms Of Use

Use of TON's Content Externally
If you plan to use TON's content externally, be it posts, sheet music/tabs or otherwise please contact us first so we can discuss this.
At the very least we would expect full attribution to the content with clearly visible image links on the external site to TON, plus we would expect permission to use the site inside TON through use of an iframe.

Posting Images and other files:
If you post large images (over 600px in height or length), please make use of the [spoiler] tags.
If you are using a particularly large image, please run it through image editing software first to reduce dimensions and file-size.
To save our bandwidth, please host your images offsite instead of attaching them to your posts. Unnecessarily large files will be removed from our server.
Posting content like sheetmusic from other sites is not tolerable. All content must be user generated. If you do find material that is free to share, please link to it instead of posting the item on the board itself.

The PM System:
Do Not Abuse the Personal Message System!
Personal Messages are logged and might be checked by an admin if needed.
Do not start sending many identical personal messages (flooding) to one or many members. Do not plug yourself.
If you receive such a PM, or any other sort which you think might break any of the forum rules, forward it to an Administrator for review.

Avatars And Signatures:
Users are advised to have an avatar to represent themselves. Members can recognize you more easily if you use one.
We have a size restriction for avatars:
Avatars can be up to 120x120 pixels and have a maximum file size of 25KB. Remote linked images will be resized to 120x120 pixels.
The signature's maximum is now 10,000 characters. If your signature exceeds a reasonable amount of space (which is subject to the Moderator/Administrator's discretion), please make use of the [spoiler] tags.
Do not use images or words that violate our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Use.

Warnings, Suspensions, Bans and Terminations:
The continuity of a warning is due to the user's behaviour.
If you think that a you received a warning without valid reason, forward your concern to an Administrator, and we will make a final decision.
If you have been suspended or banned from TON, you are not allowed to create another account (Ban evasion).
Ban evasion will be dealt with very seriously and in most cases result in an IP ban which cannot be appealed at any time.
Suspensions can be any length of time based on the severity of the perpetrator. A ban means your account will never return.
In severe cases we reserve the right to terminate your account indefinitely.

Post Content
TON has no liability for any content or post. All messages are the opinion of their respective authors.
This means Business members or Businesses cannot claim that the opinions stated on the board are TON's or that TON is a biased forum.

As this site heavily uses JavaScript, it must be fully enabled to use this site.
Please do not use any JS blocking tools and if you do, whitelist the whole of http://theocarinanetwork.com/ please.

Further Questions:
Check if your questions are covered in the TON FAQ. If not, forward your question to one of the Administrators.

All rules are valid from now on for the entire TON website, including the shoutbox and are © by The Ocarina Network.

The Community Guidelines and Terms of Use are subject to change. Check back every now and then to keep yourself up to date.

All images and logotypes are © by The Ocarina Network.
The Ocarina Network™ and TON™ are trademarks and may not be used without permission.
Emotes by phaethorn, marduke, evilrice, olya, hprince329, cooper, bad-blood, darkmoon3636, zacthetoad, Andy, Moonsyne and dragonchilde.
All of them are © to their respective owners and may not be used without permission.

DISCLAIMER - TON cannot be held liable for any of its members actions at any point.

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